Monday, April 4, 2011


     Damn that crazy African-born Obummer and his blackness! Damn his disregard for the U.S. Constitution that he shits upon daily just by being president! We need an old white guy who loves rich people and who allows wage killing! We need someone who taxes the last remnants of the middle-class into abject poverty in order to finance tax breaks for corporations and the richest one percent! We need someone who will create poverty through irresponsible policy bought and paid for by lobbyists, then ignore that poverty and cut social services put in place by "bleeding hearts" in favor of cutting taxes all the way to zero for companies in need of government charity, like Exxon Mobile, General Electric, Bank of America and Citigroup, who all recorded record profits but can't pay taxes this year because it could cut into executive bonuses! We need someone who will preach education for new jobs that don't exist, ignore the death of American industry, then cut funding for that education so the government can give billions of dollars to the biggest, wealthiest corporations, subsidizing their research and development, even though we know that money will be spent on caviar and hookers! Besides, Planned Parenthood is just a bunch of liberals promoting premarital sex and the abortion of innocent fetuses! And let's not forget we need to talk about Jesus, preach Christian values and then exhibit seething intolerance toward gays, other religions, differing political ideologies and anyone else who doesn't see things the way we do--the right way! This guy we have now is a black, socialist foreigner who wants to kill Jesus and bring Hitler back to life so he can rape babies and take away rich folks' money and use it to pay poor folks' heating bills!
     This is the underlying message that comes across through the course of a typical day on FOX News, a cable news network owned by Rupert Murdoch (Australian) and ran by Roger Ailes, a one-time media consultant for presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. FOX News has received criticism, predictably, from former Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairman, Howard Dean, when he called the network a "right-wing propaganda machine," and less predictably, from the children of Murdoch himself, who have reportedly aired their distaste for Ailes and the network's brand of what some call conservative, Republican-serving audio-visual swill.

     Still, it's difficult to discount what you see with your own eyes. I'd like for the folks at FOX News to explain why it was sacrilege for anyone to utter a single negative word about Bush II, slamming such remarks as "un-American" and "unpatriotic," while Obama has been trash-talked and treated as though he's Karl Marx reincarnated. His policies and decisions in situations created by 12 years of Republican control have been criticized to no end. It was often stated on FOX News that it's improper to criticize the president while soldiers are on the ground because such talk was unsupportive to the troops and disrespectful to the armed services in general. We have soldiers on the ground in two hostile countries and military action in a third, but it hasn't stopped FOX News from slanting coverage to the right, against the president, and aligning its laundry list of talking monkey opinion people against him as well.

     When Bill O'Reilly opined on Obama's decision to avert a humanitarian tragedy in Libya, he agreed with almost everything that had been done, but with a twist. It wasn't difficult to discern that Bill-O was probably under orders to find something bad to say about Obama when he finally said he didn't act quickly enough, once again attacking his leadership, which is typical of FOX News. Sean Hannity is just a jackass piece of shit hardly worthy of mention, so I'll leave it there on his score. While Glenn Beck is no better, his pious, sobbing demonstrations of ignorance are worthy of a lot of laughs. One of my favorite episodes involved Beck, with a rabbi on hand to lend credence to his nonsensical ramblings, making convoluted parallels between the biblical Tower of Babel and the new European Union parliament building in Brussels, Belgium. I think that was the point at which I muttered, "fucking moron," and changed the channel. Yeah Glenn, the EU is trying to build a tower that reaches heaven. His dumbass antics are sometimes funny to a point, but it often doesn't take long for him to reach the point of nauseating.

     Cable news is all accountable for this kind of thing. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that MSNBC has opinion people who lean, for the most part, as hard left as FOX News leans right. Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz and Keith Olbermann hang low and to the left, but I insist that their regular news coverage is much more balanced, and they have a couple of opinion people there who are on the ball, namely Dylan Ratigan (Dylan Ratigan Show, MSNBC Weekdays at 4 p.m.). He's a guy with a background in business and a history of calling out greedy megabanks and corrupt elected officials tied to Wall Street fat cats. He puts the crimes committed by the government, megabanks and the Federal Reserve into perspective that lets everyone see what's really going on. He doesn't protect anyone. He doesn't get political. He just attacks the human feces that preys on the American people with what appears to be virtual impunity. He's also a strong advocate for green, renewable energy to replace oil and coal. Those who live on the ideological right aren't noted for their interest in green energy, which is just another reason why some of them need to build time machines and go back to the '50s where they belong. Those of us in the present have to deal with what's going on now, and we have to worry about the real future, not the fuzzy furry bunny fairy tale future where climate change doesn't exist, there's plenty of oil and Jesus will come back and save us before anything bad happens anyway.

     I have friends who are Republicans. They're not all boy-buggering priests, KKK members and ex-Nixon staffers. I don't hate religious people. I just think Jesus should be left out of legislators' intolerant social agenda and public policy, or at least not shoved down the throats of those of us with different beliefs. I have no beef with Republicans wanting to institute some fiscal sense through cutting spending, but I am enraged to my boiling point at finding that some of the largest corporations paid no taxes this year and Republicans hate Obama so much that they're willing to allow these gross injustices, then threaten to shut down the government if they aren't allowed to have their way and cut programs like Pell grants and Planned Parenthood. I have an idea. How about the rich share some of the burden of the shitty economy their greed has created!

     The point is, we should all be very careful about what kind of news we consume, because all of it is paid for by people with an agenda, save NPR, and most news out there is inconsequential bullshit about flag burning and gay marriage or the like. It's there to keep you from noticing what's really going on behind the curtain. Any way you slice it, FOX News is openly right-winged and there are plenty of ex-employees on record stating they were fired or they left because they weren't willing to espouse hardcore Neo-con bullshit. MSNBC may love the left, but it's a lot more attuned to the truth than FOX News will ever be, because I believe they still have that little voice in the back of their minds some folks call a conscience. FOX News better get all their ratings now, because in a few years, when all the oldest, meanest, conservative Bible-thumping assholes kick the bucket, they're going to see those ratings go another way.

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